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A Sunny Day Family Session | Indianapolis Family Photography

Helllllo! It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged, but I’m hoping to get back into it so I can share some lovely sessions I’ve worked on over the last few months.

This sweet family session was a beautiful one, and it was even more special since I had done newborn photos for baby S. when she was born a year ago. Gah! Talk about loving my job even more when I get to see clients grow and change and I get to document part of their continuing story.

We met at Flat Fork Creek Park and took photos around some lovely spots, and I just loved every minute. This family is gold, and I loved watching mama and dad interact with their baby girl.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from their session below!


Kelly & Danny | Broad Ripple and Fountain Square | Indianapolis Engagement Session

Ohhh, my goodness! What a fun engagement session I had with Kelly and Danny earlier this month! We met at a few spots in the Broad Ripple and Fountain Square area that are special to them, threw on some music, and laughed a lot during one of the nicest March days we could have asked for that week. Danny and Kelly both enjoy dancing, so of course we had to add that into their session. Also, I realized I yell “CUUUUUUTE!” way too much during shoots, but I couldn’t help it! These two were so much fun to hangout with!

I’m incredibly excited for their wedding in May. I hear there will be a live band playing, vegan comfort food served, and I just know their day is going to be so beautiful!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from their engagement session below!


Brynn & Spencer | Indianapolis Engagement Session | Newfields

Ok, so let me just start by saying that Instagram can be such a wonderful way to connect. I met Brynn online through an Instagram giveaway I did last year. She won free coffee on me, and after some mishaps getting the dang Starbucks gift certificate to show up in her inbox, we started connecting a bit through my posts and DMs. :)

Late last year, Brynn reached out that she had become engaged to her sweetheart, Spencer, and they wanted to work with me for their wedding! I was so thrilled, especially since I kind of, sort of, a lil’ bit knew her! :) They wanted to have their engagement session in February, and I scouted out a couple spots for us to meet to help them create the session that reflected them.

We met up first at General American Donut Company (one of my favorite local spots for donuts!) and we grabbed coffee and donuts while we chatted about their wedding in August, how they met, and the kinds of things they love to do. (They’re both current students, so basically studying takes up a lot of time for them. But who better to study with than your bae?!) After shooting there for a bit and an outfit change, we headed on over to Newfields for some outdoor photos. This was one day Indiana really came through, and we had a gorgeous mid-50s, sunny day complete with some snow still laying around on the ground. It was perfect!

Brynn and Spencer were SO fun to work with - easygoing, easy to laugh, lots of affection, and so comfortable with one another. I was so honored they chose me to be their wedding photographer, and I cannot wait for their wedding this summer! Enjoy some of my favorite moments from their engagement session below.


DIY Eucalyptus Wreath | Simple Holiday Decor |

As a photographer, I am creating all the time, and yet I sometimes need a chance to take a break and create something for myself. It’s a great way for me to get out of my head and find a way to feel inspired apart from photography. There are a ton of great tutorials online for doing DIY Eucalyptus wreaths, so I won’t write out extremely detailed instructions, but I thought I’d show you what I made. It’s so dang easy, and all I used was an old grapevine wreath, and some Trader Joe’s Eucalyptus I picked up this morning.

I love the smell of eucalyptus, and with it getting colder here in Indiana, I’m looking for ways to keep our home fresh feeling. Eucalyptus has been known to benefit one’s health, both physically and emotionally, and it can leave you feeling uplifted and warm. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any and all of that I can get. :)

So all I did was cut fresh sprigs, and tuck them into the wreath until I liked the way it looked. If I can do this sort of project, you can too. I threw on some favorite music, got down on the floor, and let the inspiration fly. It probably took me less than 10 minutes start to finish which is a win in my book! I highly encourage everyone to take time and get out of their routine and use their hands to create something meaningful every now and again. I’m so glad I got a chance to breathe and make something myself.


Kelsey & Chris | Midwest Fall Session | Strawtown, Indiana

Let me just say that I love all types of sessions, but some of my favorites are couples’ sessions, in the fall, with cool laid-back couples. Kelsey and Chris were just that, and I loved every minute of our session. I met Kelsey through a mutual friend, and we connected on Instagram. She is a lovely, lovely soul, and a lifestyle blogger who writes about self-love and body positivity. Go check out her Instagram page!

I met Kelsey and Chris and their two adorable pups at Strawtown Koteewi Park on a brisk but beautiful evening, and we spent our time walking around the lovely grounds and getting some gorgeous shots. These two were so fun and relaxed, and rolled with everything, laughing away with one another. I could tell they just loved being with each other, and it made my heart warm to get to tag along as third wheel while I snapped some photos. Their session gave me allllll the fall feels, and you’ll be able to tell why when you scroll through. I just love this season so much and I’m so thankful I get to work with amazing people like Kelsey and Chris!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from their session below!