A Sunny In-Home Session – Part 1

On a bright, sunny afternoon last month, I got to spend a couple hours with Josh, Shauna, and their daughter. Shauna is expecting a baby, and is due very soon! I am so excited for them as their family grows! They have an incredible story of waiting, faith, and hope, and it was a beautiful afternoon spent with them.

If you know me, you know that I’m laid back, relaxed, and my idea of the perfect afternoon is snuggled up at home with my family, drinking coffee and listening to music. Well, my dear friends, this session was all of these things, making it one of my favorites. (Insert heart eyes here!) I brought my portable speakers, we threw on some chill music, and Josh made some coffee. Shauna and Josh rolled with whatever I asked them, and they were naturals as they snuggled together and kept things so relaxed.

I know it’s a good day when I can kick off my shoes, wear my comfy clothes, and listen to amazing music while I get to take photos of people! I mean, this is my happy place, and it brings me so much joy!

We did some fun family shots, and then I made sure to get some of just Shauna and Josh. We got so many good photos, that I am splitting this post up into two parts. I’m so happy with what we got!!

Enjoy, friends!


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