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The Photo Concierge Podcast is my newest little venture, friends, and I wanted to share it with you! Hosting a podcast as a wedding photographer is something I’ve been excited to do, and I wanted to take a slightly different approach.

There are many amazing podcasts hosted by photographers

So many photographers host podcasts and I love learning from them. Often, these podcasts are speaking directly to other photographers, like myself. I tap into these so often, and they allow me to feel so inspired. I learn so much and they are so valuable.

Because there are so many photographers doing such an amazing job educating other photographers through podcasts, I knew I didn’t want to take that route.

I want to share a podcast for wedding and lifestyle photography clients

I know what it’s like to be a client, even as a photographer. This business has taught me to look at my work from the client’s perspective, and step into their shoes. I’m a mama so I know how parents feel when they are trying to prepare for a family photo session. I’m married, and I know what it’s like to plan a wedding without ever having done so before. And I’m a seasoned photographer, who has seen lots of different scenarios, and can anticipate what clients might need to know.

This podcast is for you

The Photo Concierge Podcast is for you: families, engaged couples, couples planning their wedding. I want this space to be for you, and think of it as your friendly neighborhood photographer offering tips and advice. My biggest goal is that clients can be present for photos, and I hope this podcast helps you do just that.

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