The Photo Concierge Podcast: Sparkler Exit Alternatives 

In this episode of The Photo Concierge Podcast, I’m sharing some sparkler exit alternatives! I’ll share why I’m actually not the biggest fan of sparkler exits. We’ll chat over some tips on how to maximize your coverage. We’ll also talk through some alternatives to sparkler exits if that’s not your jam either.

Sparkler exits aren’t my favorite, but they can be fun when done in the right setting

There are obviously some fun photos we can get with sparklers, and when done correctly, they can look really cool. The problem is, usually they happen at the very end of the reception, and you are likely paying your photographer extra to stay longer. Also, if you and your guests have been drinking and partying things up, we won’t have the most sober group, and that’s not a great combo with flames, if you catch my drift.

Faux send-offs are a great way to have the photos you want, without the extra cost and potential hazard

One fun way to incorporate a sparkler photo set without you paying your photographer an extra two hours, or risking someone’s hair being caught on fire from your tipsy uncle holding an open flame, is to have a faux send off! This is a fun alternative to help achieve the look you desire! …all the while, saving money and preventing too many tipsy folks from holding fire in their hands. I love to call this a photo opportunity, and we can stack this moment at the tail end of photo coverage. After the photo op, we’ll pack up and head out. And, you and your guests can finish partying the night away at your reception!

Flower petal tosses, glow sticks, and ribbons are some lovely alternatives to sparklers

Other sparkler alternatives that look great in daylight are flower petals and ribbons or bubbles! These photos can happen during the recessional from your ceremony, or exiting a church venue, or even lining guests up for a special photo op! Glow sticks can be a safer after-dark alternative to sparklers, and achieve a similar look for photos!

Check out these and other tips in episode 9 of The Photo Concierge Podcast!


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