The Photo Concierge Podcast: Why Your Home Might Be The Perfect Photo Location

In this fourth episode of The Photo Concierge Podcast, I talk about why your home might be the perfect photo location. I’m talking to family clients in this episode and some tips on embracing the chaos of life.

Consider embracing some of the beautiful chaos of family life

I’m moving toward a style of photographing families that is more connected and embraces the chaos of family life. I know what it’s like to have kids that just don’t want to smile at the camera for an hour. I’ve let go of the “perfect” photo experience for myself.

My desire is for family clients to consider how their life looks right now with kids, and open up to the idea that maybe documenting the current “chaos” and those candid moments might be really beautiful.

I share why your home might be the perfect photo location in this episode

In this episode, I’ll share why your home might be the perfect photo location as you begin to become comfortable with more of a candid photo style for family photos. I’ll share how you can have beautiful in-home photos without having an “HGTV” style of home. I’ll share the benefits of taking a snapshot approach to family photos vs. the typical holiday card photoshoot. Listen in to the episode for all of my thoughts and tips!


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  1. […] them to embrace the beautiful chaos that is life. I speak to this in Episode 4 of my podcast, The Photo Concierge Podcast. Especially if my client has other children in addition to the newborn, things might get a little […]

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