The Photo Concierge Podcast: Make Your Photo Session Unique To You


In this episode of The Photo Concierge Podcast, I’m chatting about how to make your photo session unique to you. From the location you choose, to adding activities to your session, I’m sharing some client stories and a personal one on how to have really unique photos.

The locations you choose matter

I chat over location options that might be a really amazing fit for you. I also will help you think outside the box for your session. Adding an activity to your session that will feel unique can add so much to your photos, too!

How to not feel stressed during photos

You might have had some stressful photo experiences before or maybe you felt like you had to do photos a certain way – everyone smiling at the camera for every shot. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! You can choose and create elements for your session that really reflect you and make your session unique and unlike anyone else’s.

Join me as I chat for a bit, and I hope you leave feeling inspired to make your photo session unique to you.


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